Prasi word is taken from simple paintings and drawings in the papyrus manuscript.This name does offer creative talent where there is the opportunity for ingenuity and originality.

And having  three aspect to get the success in business and love of life. There are Sincere, Creative , beneficial.

Prasi work in transparent to run the business in competitiveness and always grateful in every achievement.Genuine in Creative is the Prasi Hospitality concept, how we become creative. Present the positive attitude, responsibility, absolute, strength, and have many Ideas for success in Business and harmonious in life.

The Value :

P          : POSITIVE ATTITUDE  your love of  life

R         : RESPONSIBILITY you know how

A         : ABSOLUTE for you know your mind.

S          : STRENGHT there when needed

I           : IDEAS that bring to happy comes to you.

Vision :

Strengthening the brand us to build a solid foundation to develop our business and continuously acquire new customers and investors.

Mision :

Develop with a talented team with a positive attitude, creative and innovative, and with an excellent experience that makes our guests happy, smiling, comfort  with Balinese hospitality service.